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Pashmina is considered as the finest, warmest and luxurious natural hair fiber in the world. The word “pashmina” is derived from the Persian word, ‘Pashm’ which literally means soft gold. [Source: wiki]  Pashmina fiber is obtained from the inner wool of Himalayan goats; know as ‘Chyangra’ in Nepal. Pashmina is commonly known as Pashmina in the international market. The fiber obtained from these goats is normally known as wool but actually, it is a hair, and this is what makes it unique from other sheep wools. The goats of the high altitude of Nepal naturally grow softer and warmer wools to protect them from harsh colds. The wool extracted from these goats is what makes the Nepali pashmina shawls or pashmina shawls luxurious. Pashmina is softer, warmer, lighter, and stronger than regular wools. Due to its luxurious features, it is also known as ‘Diamond fiber’.

Types of Nepal pashmina

As the demand of pashmina is growing and there are tons of pashmina stores offering a various quality of pashmina items. There are various types of pashmina products in terms of size, quality, color, prints, ply and blended pashmina. A pashmina can be dyed in any desirable color. We have a range of color options for your choice. But the most popular colors for pashmina are natural dyed colors like beige and off-white. We also offer various types of pashmina scarf in terms of quality. We at pashmina scarves Nepal acknowledge that pashmina is desired by everyone but as the luxurious and pure pashmina might be expensive for some people so our collection offers blended pashmina products which are more durable and more affordable. We blend our pashmina with high-quality fine silk or wool which makes that pashmina more strong and cost effective. Some of our popular blended pashmina products are 60% pashmina 40% fine wool, 40% pashmina 60% fine wool.

In general, there are two types of pashmina in terms of colors, one is naturally dyed pashmina; pashmina products that are dyed using natural dyes without a use of any chemical dyes which are eco-friendly and the other is the pashmina products dyed using synthetic dyes. Pashmina goods also vary in terms of ply. Ply is the number of yarns used to knit or weave the pashmina textile. Higher the yarns used thicker will be the products. Pashmina scarves Nepal offers a range of pashmina products in terms of ply. Browse through our various types of pashmina products and find the one that suits you best and we shall deliver it to you on expected time.

Nepal pashmina industry

There is no recorded history of the evolution of pashmina industry in Nepal. It is believed Nepalese people have been using pashmina for thousands of years. Luxurious embroidered pashmina shawls was a staple piece of the royals and the high -class peoples in the ancient times. Nepal has been producing and exporting Pashmina wears for decades. There is about 300 pashmina Industry registered at Nepal Pashmina Industries Association (NPIA). Pashmina products are one of the largest exports of Nepal. It is exported to more than 40 countries, mainly Europe. Pashmina industry has immensely helped in the country’s economy.

The demand of pashmina is very high in International markets but Nepal’s pashmina industries are not being able to utilize domestic raw materials and depend heavily on neighbouring countries for raw materials. Most pashmina Industry of Nepal imports the raw materials from China or India and some also import from Mongolia. A study report on International Trade center has shown that there are around 300,000 chyangra raised in mountainous regions of Nepal like Humla, Mugu, Mustang, and Dolpha. 55,000 Chyangra are raised in Mustang district alone. If easily assessable road system is build and proper strategies are followed by both government and private sectors then Nepal could produce enough raw materials required to fulfill the demand of pashmina in the international market. Utilizing the local recourses would help in Nepal’s economy hugely. The industry can provide employment opportunities at various levels both locally and internationally and can help develop the rural areas of the country. We at Kathmandu clothing try our best to utilize the local raw materials and recourses to provide you with best product and services.

Pashmina from, Manufacturers, wholesaler, Distributors, Suppliers and Retailers

All our pashmina products are handmade utilizing local recourses and manpower in Nepal. We not just manufacture our products but we are also wholesale supplier so purchasing from us means saving lots of money as you are buying directly with the manufacturer. If you have your own pashmina business, clothing brand or label or clothing store, you can contact us for wholesale pricing or any other information. You may order any of our stock items of pashmina products. You can provide us with your idea for your pashmina wear like your sketch, illustrations with specification and measurement details and we will manufacture your drawing into reality. If you want a specific quality, design change or a particular color of the garments that we already have in our collection then we can also produce it according to your specification.

Our retail store is affordable and reasonable than any other retailers as we are the manufactures the price margin for our retail business is more competitive than other retailers. You can get the wholesale rate for single pashmina item that you purchase. Our fast and quality service is what makes us one of the leading pashmina companies of Nepal. Choose your favorite Nepali pashmina and we shall have them for FREE dispatched to countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Germany and rest of the world immediately.

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