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In early days when people said pashmina they thought of pashmina shawl. It was the luxury worn by royals and rich peoples. As with growing technology and creative minds pashmina is not just limited to shawl there are numerous numbers of products made from pashmina yarns by blending it with other natural fibers and by using various weaving techniques. Below I have listed few popular Nepali pashmina products that are admired by people all around the world

Nepali Pashmina shawls

Pashmina shawl is considered as the finest, warmest, and luxurious shawls of all. The fibre of the Nepal pashmina shawls are obtained from the fine undercoat hair of the Himalayan goats known as Chyangra in Nepal. These goats naturally produce a soft thin inner coat, insulating ultra-fine hairs naturally due to the high altitude and cold weather which makes the Nepal pashmina shawls more exclusive and fine. Pashmina scarves Nepal, the trustworthy wholesale supplier from Nepal offers you range of Nepal pashmina shawls or cashmere shawls of various qualities, colours and plies at value for money. The price (US dollar) ranges of pashmina shawls at pashminascarvesnepal are as follows:

Pure pashmina price range: $100 to $125

Blended 60% cashmere/ pashmina and 40% fine wool: $60 to $70

Blended 70% cashmere/ pashmina and 30% fine wool: $70 to $85

Blended 60% fine wool 40% and cashmere/ pashmina: $40 to $ $60

Nepali Pashmina Poncho

In recent years cashmere poncho has been one of the favourite fashionable winter garments for ladies. Being fashionable in winter is sometimes hard to achieve but now you can be both warm and stylish with amazing cashmere ponchos/pashmina ponchos. These ponchos will not just make you look fashionable but will also keep you cosy in chilled weather. Poncho is a simple easy to adorn yet elegant and chic piece of clothing that is made to keep the wearers body warm. Pashmina poncho is generally worn by layering it up with other garments. These effortlessly stylish ponchos are easy to wear and extremely warm and cosy and one of the must have for winter. Nepal pashmina ponchos are famous for its elegance, beauty, quality and luxuriousness. The price (US dollar) ranges of pashmina ponchos at pashminascarvesnepal are as follows:

Blended 60% fine wool 40% cashmere/ pashmina: $45 to $55

Blended 60% cashmere/ pashmina and 40% fine wool: $60 to $75


Nepali Pashmina Blankets

Pashmina blankets are the luxurious home accessory. Nepalese pashmina blankets are handmade using the best Cashmere goat’s ultra fine hair fibre, all processed with care by local hardworking women’s of Nepal. Cashmere blankets are incredibly soft and the warmest wool of all. Pashmina or cashmere blackest are desirable for its exceptional features like they can be eight times warmer and lighter than other wools. Cashmere blankets from Nepal are perfect accessory to stay cosy inside the house or can also be your travel companion and also perfect for gift purpose. The price (US dollar) ranges of pashmina blankets at pashminascarvesnepal are as follows:

Blended 60% fine wool 40% cashmere/ pashmina: $90 to $100

Nepali Pashmina Sweaters

Pashmina sweater is the winter wardrobe classic. Pashmina sweaters are famous amongst the fashionista for its warmth, style, lightness and luxuriousness. Pashmina Scarves Nepal is one of the trustworthy suppliers of Nepali pashmina products and brings you the amazing range of cashmere sweaters for both men and women. Nepal pashmina sweaters are mostly hand knitted using the fine quality pashmina yarns. Drive the winter chills away by these amazingly warm and soft cashmere sweater made from the fine wool of the Himalayan goats. These Nepali Pashmina sweaters will make you feel in spring with the warmth it provides.

100% Cashmere pashmina sweater price range:  $75 to $90

Blended 60% fine wool 40% cashmere/pashmina: $50 to $65

Nepali Pashmina scarves

Style is something that creates a personal statement and makes you stand out from the crowd. Even if you are wearing the most common trendy clothes you can be unique and glamorous by adding personal style, which can be achieved by complimenting your look with variety of accessories.  And one of the most preferred and chic ways to do that is just by wearing a scarf. Pashmina scarves from Nepal is desirable for its luxurious qualities as it is extremely light yet warm and soft than any other wools. The price (US dollar) ranges of pashmina scarves at pashminascarvesnepal are as follows:

Blended 60% Cashmere/ Pashmina and 40% fine wool: $40 to $50

Blended 60% fine wool and 40% cashmere/ pashmina: $35 to $45 a leading supplier and wholesaler of pashmina from Nepal

Pashmina Scarves Nepal has been on online business for more than eight years now. We are one of the trusted suppliers of pashmina products from Nepal. We have been shipping our products to Australia, Canada, the USA, UK, Spain and Germany and have been appreciated for our quality products and services. If you want to buy in bulk, then we will provide you with wholesale price. Email us for more inquiry regarding wholesale business at or you can also call us our contact number is 977 -98510-32108 and here is our office Radison Road Lazimpath, Kathmandu, Nepal, if you happen to be in Nepal and wish to visit our office regarding any information on price, products and our services you can drop by.

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