Pashmina/ Cashmere Manufacturers in Nepal is a leading online company, dealing with fair trade of variety of pashmina products like 100% pure pashmina shawls, warm and stylish pashmina poncho, genuine pashmina blankets, genuine pashmina sweaters, cardigans for both men and women and many more. All our products are hand loomed by hard working local craftsmen of Himalayan country Nepal. Pashmina from Nepal is made from the finest under coat hair fibre of high altitude Himalayan goats known as Chyangra in Nepal. Pashmina shawls of Nepal are splendid and elegant, not just because of the exquisite Chyangra fibre, but also because of the skilled and hardworking craftsmanship of Nepalese workers, who give their 100% in making every single shawl a luxury, which makes the pashmina from Nepal more soft, warm and more desirable.

We are manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and supplier of genuine pashmina products of Nepal. We are the manufacturer of pashmina products buying wholesale or even retail means saving lots of money. Pashmina Scarves Nepal has been on online business for more than eight years now. We are one of the trusted suppliers of pure pashmina products. We have been shipping our products to Australia, Canada, the USA, UK, Spain and Germany and have been appreciated for our quality products and services. If you are a bulk buyer, then we will provide you with wholesale price for our products. It you own a brand, clothing store, or a retail house than we will provide you with wholesale price for our products. If you want to manufacture your own design and collection then provide us with you design specification and we will create your illustration into reality. Email us for more inquiry regarding wholesale business at or you can also call us our contact number is 977 -98510-32108 and here is our office Radison Road Lazimpath, Kathmandu, Nepal, if you happen to be in Nepal and wish to visit our office regarding any information on price, products and our services you can drop by.

Types of pashmina products from Nepal

In early days when people said pashmina they thought of pashmina shawl. It was the luxury worn by royals and rich peoples. As with growing technology and creative minds pashmina is not just limited to shawl there are numerous numbers of products made from pashmina yarns. Pashminascarvesnepal brings you these various types of luxurious pashmina wears for your liking. Below I have listed few of pashmina products offered by pashminascarvesnepal

Pashmina shawls

Pashmina shawl is considered as the finest, warmest, and luxurious shawls of all. The fibre of the Nepal pashmina shawls are obtained from the fin e undercoat hair of the Himalayan goats known as Chyangra in Nepal. These goats naturally produce a soft thin inner coat, insulating ultra-fine hairs due to the high altitude and cold weather which makes the Nepal pashmina shawls more exclusive and fine. We have pashmina shawls in wonderful colors, we even have pashmina dyed using natural dyes. Pashmina shawls for various occasions and seasons of various ply, length and quality.

Pashmina Poncho

In recent years cashmere poncho has been one of the favourite fashionable winter garments for ladies. Being fashionable in winter is sometimes hard to achieve but now you can be both warm and stylish with amazing cashmere ponchos/pashmina ponchos. These ponchos will not just make you look fashionable but will also keep you cosy in chilled weather. Poncho is a simple easy to adorn yet elegant and chic piece of clothing that is made to keep the wearers body warm. Pashmina poncho is generally worn by layering it up with other garments. These effortlessly stylish ponchos are easy to wear and extremely warm and cosy and one of the must have for winter.

Pashmina Scarves Nepal brings you the best Nepali made pashmina Ponchos of various styles, colours, ply and quality. Our collection of pashmina/cashmere ponchos are made in Nepal by hard working local women. We have ponchos blended with fine wool; blending cashmere with other natural materials reinforces the fabric qualities and makes it more durable and affordable. We have variety of color ranges from neutral to vibrant choose the color and style that suits your best and we will deliver it to your door step in specified time.

Pashmina Blankets

Pashmina blankets are the luxurious home accessory. Nepalese pashmina blankets are handmade using the best Cashmere goat’s ultra fine hair fibre, all processed with care by local hardworking women’s of Nepal. Cashmere blankets are incredibly soft and the warmest wool of all. Pashmina or cashmere blackest are desirable for its exceptional features like they can be eight times warmer and lighter than other wools.

Pashmina scarves Nepal brings you range of exclusive cashmere blankets for cold winter. Cashmere blankets are perfect accessory to stay cosy inside the house or can also be your travel companion and also perfect for gift purpose. We have range of cashmere blankets of various lengths, ply, color and weaves. If 100% pure cashmere blankets are little out of your budget then you can choose from our blended cashmere collection. We combine our cashmere with fine quality wool; blending cashmere with other natural materials reinforces the fabric qualities and makes it more durable and affordable. Select your favourite and we will deliver it to you on expected time for you to get cosy in winter. We offer FREE shipment to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Germany and rest of the world within 4 to 7 working days.

 Cashmere clothing from Manufacturer

If you are looking for retail cashmere clothing options or cashmere clothing from manufacturers for own label, a clothing store, and a clothing line or for wholesale, then you have landed on right place. is one of the countries trusted cashmere products manufacturers and suppliers. offers a wide variety of pashmina/cashmere products. Our product lists are as fallows

– 100% pure pashmina products

– Genuine cashmere clothing

– Pashmina blended with other natural materials like wool and silk

– Pashmina shawls

– Pashmina scarves

– Pashmina stoles

– Pashmina sweaters

– Pashmina cardigans

– Pashmina blankets

– Pashmina ponchos


Information regarding Pashmina wholesale

 Contact if you want to purchase our pashmina/cashmere products at bulk for your own clothing stores, we will provide you special wholesale price. To inquire about our custom manufacturing, pashmina wholesale rate and finishing services which are available to business customers.  You may call at 977 -98510-32108 with questions about our products, any orders, general sales, or custom manufacturing services.  Additionally, you may e-mail at:


Learn More about blended pashmina products

Our cashmere blended with other fine natural materials is loved by all our customers. We blend our cashmere with natural yarns like fine wool and silk; blending cashmere with other natural materials reinforces the fabric qualities and makes it more durable and affordable. Our famous blended combinations of cashmere are 60% cashmere 40% fine wool, 70% cashmere 30% fine wool, 70% cashmere 30% fine silk. offers range of combination in array of colors, sizes and quality. You can choose your favorite from our collection and if you want more information regarding our blended pashmina products, wholesale pricing and others you can always contact us. offers a scope of fine textures. You can arrange stock cashmere attire from producer in our present stock styles, or you can ask for custom manufacture of cashmere apparel or other reasonable designs for your business.
Cashmere clothing Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers and Retailers

If you represent a private clothing label, clothing brand, clothiers or clothing store, you can contact us for wholesale pricing. You may order any of our inventories of cashmere clothing. You can provide us with you idea for your garments like your sketch, illustrations with specification and measurement details and we will manufacture your drawing into reality. If you want a specific quality, design change or a particular color of the garments that we already have in our collection then we can also produce it according to your specification.

Our retail store is affordable and reasonable than any other retailers as we are the manufactures the price margin for our retail business is more competitive than other retailers. You can get wholesale rate for single pashmina products that you purchase. Our fast and quality service is what makes us one of the leading cashmere company of Nepal. We offer FREE and fast door to door shipping word wide. We distribute and supply of pashmina products to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Germany and rest of the world.

If your company has been looking for a pashmina/ cashmere clothing supplier, then be sure to review the inventory and production capabilities of in Kathmandu, Nepal your pashmina/ cashmere manufacturers serving the Nepali and worldwide market.  We produce a wide range of cashmere clothing with the various styles and options.  We do produce cashmere clothes for people of all ages and most sizing—we produce a wide range of women’s and men’s cashmere clothing as well. manufacturers in the Nepal is a online pashmina shop.  We guarantee that all of the pashmina products that we manufacture are done in great condition with an attention to detail and quality at affordable pricing.

Nepali Pashmina/ cashmere products Manufacturers in Nepal

As cashmere clothing manufacturers producing pashmina garments for men and women and we offer a wide range of pashmina garment options in our inventory.  We can produce private label pashmina/ cashmere clothes for your company for customization, or other custom-finishing options.  We are also cashmere clothing wholesale suppliers and business customers can take advantage of wholesale pricing, bulk purchases, custom production lots, sample production and other services. is a member of Nepal pashmina industry and we strictly adhere to ad specialty industry standards.  We produce a wide range of blanks as well for customers wanting custom-finishing options or for private labels.
Our line of pashmina clothing offers in various categories such as :

Nepali pashmina scarves

Nepali pashmina sweaters

Nepali pashmina shawls and wraps

Nepali Pashmina ponchos

Nepali Pashmina stoles

Nepali Pashmina Blankets
Please review the individual categories and standard pashmina product pages that are listed in the online store for specific product details, fabric option(s), colors and other specifications.

Pure Nepali Pashmina Products supplier, exporter, distributor and manufacturer.

Besides being pashmina/ cashmeremanufacturers, we are also the leading supplier, exporter and distributor of pashmina product from Nepal. we do offer B2B customers wholesale pashmina scarves and products in sizing to fit most customers, since we are cashmere clothing. also utilizes additional fabrics and fabric blends.


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