Nepal pashmina shawls

Pashmina shawl is considered as the finest, warmest, and luxurious shawls of all. The fiber of the Nepal pashmina shawls is obtained from the fine undercoat hair of the Himalayan goats known as Chyangra in Nepal. These goats naturally produce a soft thin inner coat, insulating ultra-fine hairs due to the high altitude and cold weather which makes the Nepal pashmina shawls more exclusive and fine.

Is pashmina shawls and cashmere shawls the same?
There has always been confusion about if pashmina shawls and cashmere shawls are the same or not. Pashmina and cashmere are just two different terms used for similar Himalayan goat hair products. Pashmina is the term generally used in south Asian countries whereas cashmere is the term used worldwide to describe luxurious wool products made from Himalayan cashmere goats. Pashmina is believed to be the finest quality of cashmere. But in the commercial run and the growing market, both cashmere and pashmina can be referred to as best quality luxurious shawls.

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