Cashmere Clothing Sale is a leading online company, dealing with fair trade of a variety of pashmina products like 100% pure pashmina shawls, warm and stylish pashmina poncho, genuine pashmina blankets, genuine pashmina sweaters, cardigans for both men and women and much more. All our products are hand loomed by hard working local craftsmen of Himalayan country Nepal. Pashmina from Nepal is made from the finest under coat hair fibre of high altitude Himalayan goats known as Chyangra in Nepal. Pashmina shawls of Nepal are splendid and elegant, not just because of the exquisite Chyangra fibre, but also because of the skilled and hardworking craftsmanship of Nepalese workers, who give their 100% in making every single shawl a luxury, which makes the pashmina from Nepal more soft, warm and more desirable.

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